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Crowns, Bridges & Veneers

BruxZir® Esthetic Zirconia

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BruxZir® Esthetic — Beauty in a Class of Its Own

  • Optimized combination of strength and translucency
  • Lifelike vitality, engineered for the anterior
  • Enhanced shade matching for predictable results

BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia is a new category of dental zirconia made possible by years of research & development. Advanced colloidal processing means BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia has high-performing strength and lifelike translucency. Superior shading technology renders enhanced shade matching and consistency for even more beautiful results. Named in Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products in 2020, BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia is a revelation for anterior cases and is further proof of why BruxZir Zirconia is the No. 1 prescribed brand of full-contour zirconia.

BruxZir Esthetic Zirconia is ideal for anterior crowns & bridges.

BruxZir® Full-strength Zirconia

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BruxZir® Full-Strength Zirconia is a monolithic zirconia crown, bridge, screw-retained implant crown, inlay or onlay with no porcelain overlay. First launched as being “More Brawn Than Beauty,” the material was originally intended to provide a durable, more esthetic alternative to posterior metal occlusal PFMs or cast gold restorations for demanding situations like bruxers, implant restorations and areas with limited occlusal space. Now, thanks to the new BruxZir Shaded formulation, BruxZir Full-Strength restorations exhibit improved translucency and color similar to natural dentition, making them a restorative option in the anterior as well. Complete color penetration all the way through the restorations ensures greater shade consistency and prevents any shade changes after occlusal adjustment.

BruxZir is a registered trademark of Glidewell.

Recognized as a leading performer in the ceramic-polymer material category, having demonstrated just 2 percent cementation failure after 10 years of independent clinical study*

*An independent, nonprofit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report®, September, 2020.
For the full report, click this link.

Pacific Zirconia

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Pacific Zirconia crowns and bridges are the result of our digital scanning, design and milling system. The generic “yttria-stabilized” zirconia material we utilize sinters at 1,530 degrees centigrade for a natural translucency. We dentin colorize the coping based on your shade and veneer the zirconia understructure with beautiful Noritake, Cerabien ZR ceramic. With Pacific Zirconia, there is no metal to show through the ceramic and no unsightly black lines at the gingival.

Cerabien is a trademark of Kuraray America.

Clinical Zirconia

Prismatik Clinical Zirconia

Clinical Zirconia combines the esthetics your patients demand with the strength and affordable price you desire. Laboratory tests have shown the fracture toughness and flexural strength of zirconia are significantly higher than that of alumina or any other all-ceramic. With Clinical Zirconia, there is no metal to show through the ceramic and no unsightly black lines at the gingival.

Clinical Zirconia crowns and bridges are cemented conventionally with resin ionomers and demonstrate outstanding biocompatibility in the mouth.

IPS e.max

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IPS e.max® is an affordable alternative to PFMs for crowns and anterior bridges. This metal-free restoration provides optimum esthetics using lithium disilicate ceramic and boasts a flexural strength of 360 MPa. Depending on your preparation, we will either choose to press or mill IPS e.max using the Sirona inLab® MC XL milling machine.

Prescribe IPS e.max CAD® to achieve virtually perfect contacts and occlusion using conventional cementation or adhesive bonding. Its precision is a result of our CAD/CAM technology, which virtually eliminates the need for chairside adjustment. Choose between Stained and Layered IPS e.max when prescribing.

IPS e.max and IPS e.max CAD are registered trademarks of Ivoclar Vivadent. Sirona CEREC and inLab MC XL are registered trademarks of Sirona Dental Systems.


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Many people equate a beautiful smile with good oral hygiene, attractiveness and success. For patients unhappy with the esthetics of their smile, give them the confidence to put their best face forward by prescribing porcelain veneers. Depending on clinical parameters, we utilize IPS Empress® for prepared cases or Prismatik ThinPress for no-prep cases. Prescribe veneers with Pacific Edge and receive consistently beautiful restorations that will give both you and your patients a reason to smile.

IPS Empress is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent. Prismatik ThinPress is a trademark of Glidewell Laboratories.

Camouflage composite

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Composite restorations provide a viable, low-cost option for conservative metal-free procedures. Camouflage® NanoHybrid Composite is formulated to have the best combination of esthetics and strength, positioning itself as a versatile, affordable addition to any dental practice. With a flexural strength of 134 MPa, Camouflage stands above many of the leading universal composites on the market. What’s more, due to its low water sorption value, Camouflage restorations retain their shade, esthetics and strength long after delivery.

Choose Camouflage when prescribing composite restorations. This material can be used to create metal-free bridges up to four units, full crowns, inlays and onlays, provisionals, and veneers. With 21 shades available, Camouflage restorations help eliminate guesswork during shade matching.

  • Beautifully blends with surrounding tooth structure
  • Available in 21 shades
  • Affordable alternative to full-coverage restorations

obsidian fused to metal

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Obsidian® Lithium Silicate Ceramic Fused to Metal restorations are state-of-the-art PFMs for today’s clinician. They are five times stronger and achieve more than two times the chip resistance than their predecessors. By pressing lithium silicate ceramic to metal, rather than traditional porcelain to metal, the finished restorations achieve far greater strength than that of their predecessors. These natural-looking, chip-resistant restorations are ideal for areas where monolithic restorations are contraindicated, such as covering dark preps or endodontic posts when occlusal reduction or vertical dimension is limited.

Obsidian Fused to Metal restorations are available in the 14 most popular VITA® shades.

full cast

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Full-cast restorations are the standard for long-term durability of posterior crowns. We have eliminated price variations due to crown size and gold market fluctuations by extending you flat rate pricing on all of our full-cast gold products. All yellow gold alloys used at Pacific Edge meet ADA specifications for either “noble gold” or “high noble gold,” and exhibit a beautiful, rich color. Noble-Cast 45 is our newest and most cost-effective full-cast gold restoration.

Noble-Cast 45 is a trademark of Glidewell Laboratories.